Passionate People Can’t Wait

“I just want to succeed in life.” Then you better be passionate about something.

There are few things that satisfy more than doing what you think you were built for. Without getting into life purpose and that challenging exercise, I just want to address passion. Those with it achieve far more than those without it.

I have a pretty high standard for those on my teams, especially for leaders. In addition to subject matter expertise, they must have creativity and be hardworking. Above all though, I favor the passionate. If there is alignment to values, they become unstoppable. It starts early in one’s career.

Don’t Be Boring

When I look at a new grad’s resume, I don’t care about the college portion: the school, the GPA, the classes. It’s easy enough to find people who check those boxes. I want to know what else they did in college. Where did they spend their free time? What projects did they work on? What are the interesting activities and why did they do them?

The same goes for an experienced professional’s resume. Positions and descriptions bore me. Show me the cool stuff they did. Was there something they almost got fired doing. What impossible project succeeded? What do they do outside of work? I want to see what really gets them going. The intersection of passion and talent is incredible.

A Burning Within

The passionate can’t help it. It’s a fire inside of them screaming to do something. The passionate have an unfair advantage. They possess an unrivaled internal engine. You don’t have to get the passionate started for what they believe they’re to do. They figure out a way and do it. They don’t wait for education, job training or permission. They do it because they’re curious and courageous. The passionate change their world.

Passion minimizes the negative by focusing on the possibilities. Obstacles get smaller. Problems are simply issues that have to be solved. Failures are lessons learned.

What do people care about? What do they enjoy doing? What would they do if they didn’t get paid to do it? That’s where the passionate become obvious. Everyone has something. If you don’t see it in someone, there is probably something deeper: it could be job misalignment, troubles in another area of life, current work assignment, competency frustration or depression.


If you’ve lost your passion, consider your career trajectory. Change it if you need to. I’m serious. If you don’t have a hobby, get one. Find something that makes you passionate and do that thing. Do it really well. Life will be better and you will feel like you are succeeding.

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