Different [Than Everyone Else] but Need Help

How different are you?

Your business isn’t keeping up with the marketNot everyone on the executive team believes it.

You need to do something to turn it around. You desperately need to introduce something new.

You need innovation but you need guidance. You need an expert’s opinion so you call one.

“But we’re unique.” No you’re not.

“Our situation is different.” No, it’s not.

“Our industry isn’t the same.” Yeah, it is.

In fact, there’s very little that’s different. You’re almost completely identical. It doesn’t matter you’re military, healthcare, education, financial, high tech, industrial, publicly traded or non-profit.

Let me see if I get this right…

CEO “We’re under tremendous pressure to deliver results now. I can’t worry about next year’s’ products, I need this year’s. We’re just too slow. It takes forever to launch something.”

CFO “I don’t know what’s happening to our margin. It’s just not there anymore. Our sales are soft. We can’t keep lowering price. We need that new project to launch now. The business case has been built into our projections for a while.”

Chief Strategy Officer “The market is changing fast. We just need to form a joint venture with _______ or buy _______. The synergies will benefit both of us. The ROI is great and we can realize revenue quickly.”

VP Engineering “The leadership team can’t make up their mind. Just when I think we’ve set a direction, I hear something else. I have a great team. They just need to make a decision and stick with it.”

VP Sales “We can’t get new products out fast enough. Our customers are asking for features we don’t have. We can’t sell our old stuff anymore. We’re behind our competitors. We just need (insert cool tech here).”

  • “We’re siloed.”
  • “We’re behind in the market.”
  • “Leadership can’t prioritize.”
  • “I can do this or that, but not both.”
  • “Our software team is Agile.”
  • “We know what our customers want.”
  • “We have to increase EBITDA.”

Or something like that…

Good thing you called. We might be able to help.

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