In healthcare, it’s vital to deliver quick and reliable patient care, yet new product development and system redesigns lag. In Lean Design in Healthcare, innovation expert Adam Ward takes his intimate knowledge of the challenges healthcare organizations face and presents the Lean solution. Using the allegorical story of a fictional healthcare innovation team, Lean Design in Healthcare uses Simpler Design System principles paired with real-word scenarios to guide healthcare executives, physicians and staff to successfully disrupt failing services and start changing up client delivery.

With engaging storytelling and practical theory, Lean Design in Healthcare gives readers:

  • The three, simple framework steps that take an idea from concept to successful launch.
  • Insider knowledge on creating a new healthcare delivery system from scratch and how to avoid the most common failures.
  • Which executive relationships are the key to getting an innovation team off the ground and why motivating them should be step one.
  • Five ready-to-use templates to start prioritizing the most important projects and inspire smart decision making.
  • A close look at the multiple design methodologies with the pros, the cons and how to choose the one that will make their redesign thrive.

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Drama, pride, and professionalism are all chronicled in this new page turner, while the background music belts out pernicious plotting and intrigue. Sounds like a novel but it is life imitating art. Adam Ward has given us a peek inside the looking glass of today’s healthcare marketplace. Kudos to Adam for allowing us all to peer in with him.
Healthcare is undeniably in need of an extreme makeover, with patient-focused innovation at the heart of the solution. What’s needed is a practical guide to answering the essential questions of what to do and how to do it. Enter Lean Design in Healthcare. Through a compelling story based on a real-world experience, Adam Ward reveals the principles and practices every health care leader needs to build organizational excellence in innovation.
As healthcare organizations move from provider-centric to patient-centric care models, Adam Ward's Lean Design in Healthcare takes a systems perspective to describe how to redesign your organization and processes. A must-read for anyone interested in transforming healthcare systems.
Lean Design in Healthcare
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160 Pages
CRC Press
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