adam ward innovationWho is Adam Ward anyway? Here’s a little peek into who he is. He’s a creative problem solver at heart as an innovator that’s also an inventor. Adam is not just an author but a triathlete, a consultant and a speaker. He is a family man.

Peek at where he’s worked and you’ll see over 20 years at some big companies that include Honda, GE and IBM. He’s worked with industrial designers, all kinds of engineers, marketeers, physicists, communications, financiers, human resources, IT, doctors, nurses, admins or any role that helps create strong cross functional teams.

Let’s peek at what industries he’s been in. For over 10 years, he’s been helping clients radically improve the way they introduce new products and services to the market. Fueled by curiosity and stuck with a thirst for challenge, Adam has worked in the finance, education, public, military, industrial, religious, medical device, and healthcare industries.

His client list includes the US Navy, US Air Force, Lockheed Martin, Baxter, Atrius Health, Dignity Health, ThedaCare, IU Health, Genesis, Lake Shore Health, Watlow, Gemological Institute of America, Northwestern Mutual,  and more.

Let’s peek into his visual support. He hates PowerPoint. He’d rather have a conversation, armed with a some colored dry erase markers and a white board in case one of his made-to-order incredible graphic masterpieces happens to come out while talking. 

Adam is a creative process czar, focusing on single methods for repetitive tasks and using full imagination in the areas that demand it.

Here is a peek at what positions he works with: he serves as an executive coach, a team builder and a tactician, ensuring that every employee from line level to the C-suite is engaged with the work.

Adam lives in the Columbus, Ohio metro area with his high school sweetheart and wife of 24 years. Their oldest is married and serves in the US Army. Their other two children are in college.

We could peek at his health and if you looked, he could tell you about the Ironman triathlon because he’s done several. But he’s also finished a longer, harder race. It’s called Ultraman. It makes an Ironman seem easy.

If you must know, we could peek into his education and see that he has a Bachelor’s of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the AJ Clark School of Engineering at the University of Maryland (College  Park). He also holds an MBA from the Fisher College of Business at The Ohio State University (Columbus).

Adam is as adventurer and a risk taker. Oh, and he loves to fish from his kayak. He doesn’t golf so don’t ask him.

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